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    The subscription to FRANCE PAYMENTS FORUM requires the payment of an annual fee which finances the meetings and the management according to the following rules:

    Active member participating to meetings and working groups:
    Adhering entity of 1 person: 500€Adhering entity from 2 to 10 people: 1 000€Adhering entity from 11 to 100 people: 1 500€Adhering entity from 101 to 250 people: 2 000€Adhering entity beyond 250 people: 2 500€Banking or industrial group*: 10 000€
    *The membership applies to all entities of the Group


    Via credit transfer: the IBAN will be provided after the subscription.

    Participation to FRANCE PAYMENTS FORUM working groups

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    1  To be an actor in the circle of companies and high standard experts

    2  To participate to our discussions regarding the industry of payments in France and in Europe, and to contribute to the construction of the Europe of payments

    3  To access our topical documents, share our analysis and information, and benefit from the constant monitoring of our experts

    4  To strengthen your contacts and relations to companies and experts of the industry of payments

    5  To benefit from our European meetings, events and monthly meetings in order to develop your expertise and your contacts

    6  To participate to the promotion of the Exchange and the french industry of payments

    7  To be a contributor of analysis, ideas and reflection through our sheets and the Club’s notebooks