Despite BREXIT, the Europe of Payments is alive and must continue to move forward

We lost a major player in European payments on Saturday 1 February, with the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. A key and powerful player, an innovative and pioneering player in many cases, and a player convinced of the importance of a business model to support the digital revolution. This is a major collective failure, which should not prevent us from moving forward and pursuing our objective of "major, decisive and bold steps towards European sovereignty" in payments and to avoid new departures of European players. However, we must remain ambitious, and put forward our objective of a "seamless" Europe of payments ("seamless" would say our English friends) and the ability of the European payments industry to take up the digital challenge, and to build champions able to compete with the American or Asian monsters. This will certainly not be as easy as it was with our British friends with us. But, [...]